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Dacw mam yn dwad
(Welsh Nursery Rhyme)
Dacw mam yn dwad
Yonder Comes Mother
Nursery Rhyme
Nursery Rhyme

Dacw mam yn dwad ar ben y gamfa wen
rhywbeth yn ei phoced a phiser ar ei phen
y fuwch yn y beudy yn brefu am y llo
a'r llo yr ochor arall yn gwaeddi jim cro
jim cro crystun wan a tw a ffor
a mochyn bach yn eistedd mor ddel ar y stol

Yonder comes mother over the white stile
Something in her pocket and a pitcher on her head
The cow in the cowshed lowing* for her calf
The calf on the other side shouting "Jim Crow"
Jim Crow crust one and two and four
The little pig sits so pretty on the stool.


*Making the deep sound that cows make.


"Jim Crow" can refer to a minstrelsy song from the 1800's that stereotyped African Americans. The system of racial segregation called the Jim Crow Laws that was put into effect in parts of the United States after the US Civil War was named after the song.

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Many thanks to Selwyn Lloyd-Jones for contributing this rhyme with the translation and mp3 recording!

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