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Bratec Martin  Croatia
Brother Martin   MP3 Midi  
Eci peci pec  Croatia
Eci peci pec (Counting-out Rhyme)
Ja sam sirota  Croatia
I'm an Orphan   Midi  
Kiša pada  Croatia
Rain Falls (Traditional Song) Midi  
We Are Happy Children (Circle Game Song)  Midi
Okoš bokoš  Croatia
Okosh-Bokosh (Counting-out Rhyme)  
Pužu mužu  Croatia
Snail, Man (Rhyme)
Ringa raja  Croatia
Ringa Raya   Midi
Go to Sleep My Baby (Lullaby) MP3  
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    Souallé is a beautiful lullaby that comes from a part of Africa that was formerly called French Equatorial Africa. It was the federation of French colonies that included French Congo, Gabon, Oubangui-Chari, Chad, and French Cameroon.  It’s believed that this lullaby is specifically from Chad and/or Congo. Souallé means good night. You can hear the […] Read more »
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    Learn the sounds of the alphabet in Asante Twi in this alphabet song. Twi is spoken in Ghana. Asante is one of the three dialects of Twi. Here are the letters… a – b – d – e – ? – f – g – h – i- k – l – m – n […] Read more »
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    A Noiseless Patient Spider was written by Walt Whitman in the 1860’s. The spider in this poem is a metaphor for the human soul. Listen to an mp3 recording of the poem while reading along with the text below… MP3 Recording of A Noiseless Patient Spider   A Noiseless Patient Spider   A noiseless patient […] Read more »
  • Ilona wrote asking for help with a Finnish song her mother taught her.  Here’s her email… Our Finnish Mumi taught us a song which started: (Excuse the spelling;  also – no umlauts)      Semmonen tytto kun sina olet, Sen mina ten vaikka puusta Kielen ten mina paperista Ja kintut kissan luusta Jos mina kirpun kiine saisin […] Read more »
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  • Here’s a pretty song from the Marshall Islands called "Ukot Boke". "This song is about thanking your mother and your father for their love and for everything they have done for you.." -Benjamin (singer in the video) If anyone can provide the Marshallese lyrics to this song and/or an English translation, please comment below or […] Read more »
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