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A-tisket A-tasket (Circle Game)  
A, B, C Song   MP3 Midi
A Canner Can Can (Limerick)
Ah Mia Itsy Bitsy (Hand-clapping Song)
Amazing Grace (Spiritual) MP3  
"A" My Name is Arlene (Ball Bouncing Rhyme)
A Peanut Sat MP3 Midi
Apple on a Stick (Hand Clapping Rhyme)  
Arizona Star (Traditional Song)
Away in a Manger (A Carol)  MP3 Midi
Bill Grogan's Goat (Echo Song)  
Billy Boy (Folk Song)  
Bim Bum (Hand Clapping Song )  
Blow the Man Down (Sea Shanty)  
Blue Bird, Blue Bird (Circle Game) MP3  
Blue Bird, Blue Bird (Circle Game)  
Bo Bo Ski Waton Taton (Hand Clapping Rhyme) MP3
Boom Chicka Boom (Kids Song)  
Bow Belinda (Traditional Song)  
Bread and Cheese Game (Call & Response Game)
Bubblegum, Bubblegum in a Dish (Counting-out Rhyme)  
Buffalo Gals (Traditional Song)  
Buttermilk (Traditional Song)  
Camptown Races (Traditional Song)  
Candy Apple on a Stick (Handclapping Rhyme)  
Can You Guess Who Has The Ring? (String Circle Game Song)  
Cinderella Dressed in Yellow (Jump Rope Song) MP3  
Circle Circle, Dot Dot (Cootie Shot Rhyme)
Clap Hands, Clap Hands (Nursery Rhyme) MP3
Clementine (Traditional Song)  Midi  
Cluck Old Hen (Appalachian Folk Song)  Midi  
Concentration 64 (Hand Clapping Rhyme )
Creep Mouse (Here Comes the Mousie) (Nursery Rhyme Game)  
Criss-Cross Applesauce (Nursery Rhyme)  
Dem Dry Bones (Spiritual)  
Did You Feed My Cow? (Call and Response Song)  
Dollar, Dollar How You Wander (Circle Game)  Midi
Double Double This This (Hand Clapping Rhyme)  
Double Double This This (Hand Clapping Rhyme)  
Down in the Valley (Folk Song)  Midi  
Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe (Counting Rhyme) MP3
Eenie Meenie Sicileeny (Counting-out Rhyme)  
Eenie Meenie Sicileeny (Long Version) (Hand-clapping Rhyme) MP3  
Everywhere We Go (Camp Song)  
Faces, Faces, Funny Faces (Halloween Song)
Fa, Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum! (Nursery Rhyme) MP3
Fee, Fa, Fie, Fo, Fum (Nursery Rhyme) MP3
Five Little Monkeys (Finger Play) MP3
Five Little Pumpkins (Halloween Song) MP3
Flee Fly Flo (Hand-clapping Chant)  
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow (Congratulatory Song)  MP3 Midi  
Fried Ham (Camp & Scout Song)  
Frog Went a' Courtin' (Folk Song) MP3
Fudge, Fudge, Call the Judge (Jump Rope Rhyme)  
Go Down Moses (Spiritual)  Midi  
Good Night, Sleep Tight (Nursery Rhyme) MP3
Go Tell Aunt Rhody (Folk Song)  
Go Tell It on the Mountain (Spiritual) MP3  
Hambone (A Rhymed Chant & Rhythmic Dance)  
Head Thinker (Nursery Rhyme)
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not! (Nursery Rhyme) MP3
Here I Brew and Here I Bake (Children's Rhyme and Game)
Home On The Range (Folk Song) MP3
Hush, Little Baby (Lullaby)  MP3 Midi  
Ice Cream Soda (Jump Rope Song)
I Gave My Love a Cherry (Traditional Song)  
I Had a Little Rooster (Cumulative Song)  Midi  
I Had a Little Sister (Hand Clapping Song)
I'm Rubber, You're Glue (Children's Chant) MP3
Inka Binka (Counting Rhyme) MP3
Inky Binky Bonkie (Counting-out Rhyme)
It's Raining, It's Pouring (Nursery Rhyme Song) MP3
I've Been Working on the Railroad (Folk Song) MP3 Midi
I Was Born in a Frying Pan (Jump Rope Rhyme)
I Went to a Chinese Restaurant (Hand-clapping Rhyme)  
Jack-o'-lantern (Halloween Song)  
Jimmy Brown (Camp Song)
Jimmy Crack Corn (Folk Song)  
Jingle Bells (A Carol) MP3  
John Kanaka (Sea Shanty)  
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier (Traditional Song)  
Kitty White (Circle Game)
Kumbaya (Traditional Song) MP3 Midi
Lemonade, Crunchy Ice (Handclapping Song) MP3  
Lightly Row (Kids Song) Midi  
Little Arabella Miller (Nursery Rhyme)  
Little Bird, Little Bird (Circle Game) MP3  
Little Brown Jug (Traditional Song)  
Little Fishes in a Brook (Nursery Rhyme) MP3
Little One (Finger Naming Rhyme)
Little Red Wagon (Echo Song)  
Little Red Wagon (Kids Song)  
Little Sally Walker (Circle Game)  
Lolly Too Dum (Traditional Song)  Midi
M-I Crooked Letter (Jump Rope Rhyme)
Mairzy Doats (Nursery Rhyme)
Make New Friends   MP3 Midi  
Mama's Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird (Lullaby)  MP3 Midi  
Mares Eat Oats (Nursery Rhyme)
Miss Lucy Had a Baby (Hand Clapping Song)
Miss Lucy Had a Steam Boat (Hand Clapping Song) MP3  
Miss Mary Mack (Clapping Song) MP3  
Missouri Waltz (Missouri State Song and Lullaby)  
Moonlight Bay (Traditional Song)  
Mr. Rabbit (Negro Spiritual) MP3
My Big Silk Hat (Boy Scout & Camp Song)
My Boy Scout Hat (Boy Scout & Camp Song)
My Grandfather's Clock (Traditional Song)  
My Hat, It Has Three Corners (Action Song)  Midi
My Name is K I Piccolo (Hand Clapping Song)
My Name Is L I L I (Hand Clapping Song)
My Pigeon House (Lullaby)  
Nelly Bly (Traditional Song) MP3
New Moon, True Moon (Divination Rhyme)
O Christmas Tree (A Carol)
O Christmas Tree (Short Version) (A Carol)  MP3 Midi
Oh, John The Rabbit (Traditional Song) MP3
Oh Little Playmate (Hand Clapping Song) MP3
O Holy Night (A Carol) MP3
Oh, Susanna (Folk Song) MP3
One - Two -Three - A Nation (Ball Bouncing Rhyme)
One Potato, Two Potato (Counting-out Rhyme) MP3  
On Top of Old Smokey (Folk Song)  
Pepsi-Cola Dance Song (Dance Song)  
Piggy on the Railway (Nursery Rhyme)  
Pinky, Pinky Bow-bell (Nursery Rhyme)
Pizza, Pizza Daddy-O (Circle Dance)  
Polly Wolly Doodle (Folk Song) Midi  
Pop! Goes the Weasel (Nursery Rhyme) MP3  
Pretty Little Dutch Girl (Handclapping and Jump Rope Rhyme)  
Pussy Willows   Midi
Quack Diddley Oso (Hand Clapping Rhyme) MP3
Rattlesnake (Traditional Song)  
Red River Valley (Traditional Song)  
Ring-a-Round the Rosie (Circle Game) MP3
Rock-a-bye Baby (Lullaby)  MP3 Midi
Round Ball-y (Rhyme)
Rubin, Rubin, I've Been Thinking (Jump Rope Song) Midi
Rubin, Rubin, I've Been Thinking (Traditional Song)  Midi  
Sarasponda (Traditional Song)  
Saw a Crow a-flying Low (Kentucky Mountain Song)  Midi
She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain (Folk Song)  MP3 Midi
Shenandoah (Folk Song)  Midi  
Silent Night (A Carol)  MP3 Midi
Simple Gifts (Shaker Dance Song)   
Sippin Cider (Camp Song)  
Skinny Malinky (Kids Song)  
Skip to My Lou (Circle Game)  
Spider's Web (Folk Song)  Midi  
Squish Squash Applesauce (Nursery Rhyme)  
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Spiritual) MP3  
Take Me Out to the Ball Game (Traditional Song)  
Tarantula   MP3 Midi
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear (Jump Rope Song)
That's Life (Rhyme)
The Bed-time Song (Kentucky Mountain Song)  Midi
The Bumblebee Was Under The Barn (Nursery Rhyme Game)  
The Cat Came Back (Traditional Song)  
The Girl Scout Promise (Scout Oath) MP3
The Green Grass Grew All Around (Cumulative Song)  
The Halloween Song (Halloween Song)
The Hearse Song (Traditional Song) MP3
The Itsy Bitsy Spider (Finger Play) MP3 Midi  
The Old Gray Mare (Kids Song)  
The Old Hen She Cackled (Appalachian Folk Song) Midi  
There Was an Old Witch (Halloween Song)
This Little Piggy (Fingerplay) MP3  
Tic Tac Toe (Handclapping Rhyme) MP3  
Trick or Treat (Halloween Song) MP3  
Turkey in the Straw (Folk Song)  
Wabash Cannonball (Traditional Song)
What You Got There? (Call & Response Game)
When the Saints Go Marching In (Spiritual)  Midi  
Where is Santa? (Christmas Song)
Where is Thumbkin? (Finger Play)  
Yankee Doodle   MP3 Midi
You're a Grand Ole Flag (Patriotic Song) MP3
Zum Gali Gali   Midi  



Brother John   MP3
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    Rock-a-bye Baby is one of the best known lullabies of the English language.  Usually people only sing one verse (the 1st verse in the lyrics below).  Here’s a longer version that’s really sweet.  You can read the lyrics while listening to Frances Turnbull’s rendition below... MP3 of Long Version of Rock-a-bye Baby... Read more »
  • The Atlantic surveyed how people start a conversation all across the U.S.  Below you can hear what some people said... The Geography of Small Talk from The Atlantic on Vimeo. How do you start a conversation where you’re from? -Mama Lisa Read more »
  • Here’s a video to hear animal sounds around the world... Bow Wow Meow – Animal Sounds in Different Languages from properniceinnit on Vimeo. The languages are: English, Mandarin, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Hindi, Canadian-French, Romanian, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Bengali, Brazilian-Portuguese, Colombian-Spanish, Swahili and Mongolian. Enjoy! Mama Lisa Read more »
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    NPR recently asked people what they thought was true as a kid.  Here are a couple of my favorites: Kim: "When the news mentioned guerrilla warfare, I wondered why gorillas were fighting." Helen: "I thought the ‘olden days’ were in black and white." Emily: "LMNOP was one letter of the alphabet." [I thought that too! -Mama Lisa] Check it... Read more »
  • Believe it or not one tool I’ve found to help language learning is Facebook.  Which is nice because so many people are already members.  If you’re a Facebook member and want to improve your knowledge of a language, I have two ideas for you: 1. Join Facebook Groups or Pages in your target language.  For example,... Read more »
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    Beloved folksinger, Pete Seeger, in his own words in honor of his passing… "Once upon a time wasn’t singing a part of everyday life? As much as talking, physical exercise, and religion? Our distant ancestors, wherever they were in this world, sang while pounding grain, paddling canoes, or walking long journeys. Can we begin to make... Read more »
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    Some English terms go back further than you’d think… -OMG The first recorded appearance of this breathless acronym for "Oh, my God!" comes, surprisingly, in a letter to Winston Churchill. (1917) -LITERALLY Word curmudgeons wince when "literally" is used figuratively. Examples of this inversion go back to 1769. Even Mark Twain did it. (1876)... Read more »
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    Once a few years ago I had a conversation with a friend from China about cooking in the U.S.  She found it amusing that most Americans cook with recipes... recipes that tell you exactly how to cook with precise measurements of ingredients.  She said that in China recipes were handed down within the family and... Read more »
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    Someone posted a picture on Facebook recently of this Fisher Price House from the seventies. It may seem silly, but the floor dropped beneath me and I could remember being little and playing with that exact same house.  I was transported back in time for a split second and could remember being four years old.  I... Read more »

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