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Whatever the culture a child belongs to, whatever the flag he or she lives under, this is the place to find the lyrics to kids songs, in English and in the original languages!

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Classic Mother Goose and other traditional poems and lullabies from English speaking countries.

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Rest in Peace Norman Bridwell, creator of the kids books
featuring Clifford the Big Red Dog.
I'll always remember reading stacks of Clifford books with
my son Calvin when he was young. They helped him learn how
to read!
Bridwell has left an enduring legacy with his books that
children and parents will read for generations to come.
Featured Poem
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Beatrix Potter is the beloved English children's author and
illustrator best known for her book, "The Tale of Peter
Rabbit". She also wrote the poem, "We Have a Little
Garden". It comes from her book, "Cecily Parsley's Nursery
You can read the rhyme below and listen along with the cute
recording by Super Coconut.
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